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Our office will do our best to help you solve your problems.

In our daily lives, everyone gets into trouble sometimes.
If you get into legal trouble, it is a good idea to seek the help of a lawyer.
Thinking about your troubles alone is hard enough, but it is even harder because you cannot make progress with your problem on your own.
We will do our best to help you solve your problems.
We handle a wide range of cases, from civil to administrative and criminal, so please feel free to contact us if you have a legal problem.


[ Corporate legal affairs and
legal counsel ]

Corporate issues range from the often-occurring collection of payments for sales and contract work, to labor issues, dealing with licensing authorities, and large-scale issues such as mergers and acquisitions.

[ Labor issues ]

We have extensive expertise in labor-related dispute resolution procedures (e.g., lawsuits, preliminary injunctions, labor arbitrations, etc.). In the case of labor issues, entering into dispute resolution procedures such as lawsuits may be detrimental to the client's interests.

[ Traffic Accidents ]

In a claim for damages based on a traffic accident, it is necessary to retain an attorney at an early stage, as failure to negotiate properly can result in a loss of benefits.

[ Domestic affairs ]

Cases related to the family, such as divorce, marriage expenses, child support, inheritance, and adult guardianship, are called domestic affairs cases.

[ General Civil Cases ]

We have negotiated settlements, mediated, litigated, and resolved many legal disputes between individuals, regardless of the type of case.

[ Criminal cases ]

In criminal cases, in the case of a custodial arrest, it is decided within 72 hours of the arrest whether the person will be detained. Charges will usually be filed mostly within 10, or at most 20 days.