Satoshi Sumiya law firm.


Corporate legal affairs and legal counsel

Corporate issues range from the often-occurring collection of payments for sales and contract work, to labor issues, dealing with licensing authorities, and large-scale issues such as mergers and acquisitions.
Beyond legal issues, they can also relate to the very foundations and policies of management.
Our firm has collaborators in other adjacent professions.
In cooperation with them, we provide support as legal experts.

Real estate and construction issues

Issues surrounding real estate and construction often require specialized knowledge and experience, and are difficult to resolve on your own.
You may need to coordinate with your neighbors, and if so, you may have to bring in a third party due to your personal relationships with them.
Our firm has experience in acquiring real estate rights, boundary demarcation, construction defects, and real estate divestitures.
We are able to enlist the cooperation of real estate and construction professionals, which can contribute to the resolution of a wide range of issues.

Labor Issues

We have extensive expertise in labor-related dispute resolution procedures (e.g., lawsuits, preliminary injunctions, labor arbitrations, etc.).
In the case of labor issues, entering into dispute resolution procedures such as lawsuits may be detrimental to the client's interests.
Therefore, it is necessary to focus on how to resolve the issue before it goes to trial through negotiation.
We provide advice on how to achieve appropriate labor management and have a track record of resolving disputes before they become lawsuits.

Traffic Accidents

In a claim for damages based on a traffic accident, it is necessary to retain an attorney at an early stage, as failure to negotiate properly can result in a loss of benefits.
Accurate understanding of the circumstances of the accident and the evidence that supports it can have a significant impact on the percentage of liability, and only a legal expert can adequately perform such a task.
We have handled cases ranging from minor accidents to major cases where compensation was substantial.
We will handle the case responsibly according to the circumstances of the case.

Domestic affairs

Cases related to the family, such as divorce, marriage expenses, child support, inheritance, and adult guardianship, are called domestic affairs cases.
Since the so-called calculation tables for marital and child support expenses have been published and more extensive information has been made available, many people now decide to handle such cases without retaining a lawyer.
However, the information known to the public often does not provide a just solution.
In fact, we have seen cases in which the parties were not able to obtain what they should have received or, on the contrary, were forced to pay unfairly.
In this sense, in this field, knowledge and experience are of great value.
Therefore, we recommend that you consult with us first.

Foreigner cases

In a case where a foreigner is the suspect, it may not be possible to provide adequate defense due to language and cultural differences.
Also, after the case is over, there is the issue of deportation.
At our office, we can provide interpreters for many languages.
So, you can go through the criminal procedure without any worries.
We also have experience in handling cases to which the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act applies.

General Civil Cases

We have negotiated settlements, mediated, litigated, and resolved many legal disputes between individuals, regardless of the type of case.

Criminal cases

In criminal cases, in the case of a custodial arrest, it is decided within 72 hours of the arrest whether the person will be detained. Charges will usually be filed mostly within 10, or at most 20 days.
The speed with which a person can be released from custody and obtain an indictment depends on how well you are able to mount a successful defense during this period.

We have handled many criminal cases and have a proven track record of achieving early release from custody. Even after indictment, we have obtained favorable verdicts through our extensive defense activities.
We are in close contact with rehabilitation officials so that we are also able to conduct programs to prevent recidivism.